• I just wanted to tell my wife and son not to worry

    Stuart Robinson
  • I realised to my horror that I was about to be called up

    Bill Burberry
  • That's why they do it.

    Sara Waymont
  • My father was very uneasy about being made a hero

    Minnie Driver
  • Alec Guinness wanted us to be extras but our CO didn't want it

    Kenny Napier
  • I've learnt to use my leadership skills.

    Daniel Pearce
  • The RAF gave me a new cultural identity.

    Peter Ramrayka
  • I could hear bombs and gunfire. It was time to get up.

    Ian Brownlee
  • I know a lot of people who have tried to get out of work because they were hung-over

    Grace Chew
  • Mother was horrified, but Father overruled her.

    Shobha Earl
  • Do they know who I am? I'm just a kid from Woolwich

    Trevor Edwards
  • I still spend all of my working hours supporting the military.

    Graham Grice