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Kosher Kitchen

  • Max Moray


I was stationed at one place

where a few Jewish guys,

and they had, they even had a kosher kitchen, separate.

Only problem was, not much further away was a normal kitchen

from which came the smell of bacon and egg.

How the hell do you compete with that?

And it was obvious that the Jewish guys

were so attracted by the smell of the bacon

that each day you saw fewer and fewer and fewer Jews there.

You understand?

Yeah, yeah.

And they all finished off eating bacon and egg.

There was even a rabbi on that station

but he was a pompous idiot, you know.

He marched up and down as if he was some kind

of a field marshal.

He was looking to be saluted.

And one reason why I have no time

for religion, at all,

is because when you think

of six million, six million.

Where was God?

Where was He?

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