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Mortar Attack

  • Flt. Lt. Chris Annetts
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


This happened in my first tour of Afghanistan in 2006.

It was only a first tourist as an SAC

as part of tactical communications wing.

We was posted out to Kandahar Airfield.

And what was quite funny and quite scary

at the same time looking back upon it

was we was actually playing cards on an upturned table.

And where we were undertaken

a mortar attack at the same time.

And what was quite funny, it was like a sketch of a scene

where we was all playing cards

and then mortars were landing close and around us.

But, no one stopped the game of cards.

It just continued.

And it was the training of us that kicked in

within the seconds and minutes afterwards.

But for the two or three minutes

whilst during the mortar attack, we continued playing cards.

It was like a surreal environment.

And then, training kicked in and we did what we had to do.

Yeah, quite strange.

Frightening, but funny at the same time

looking back upon it.

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