The Vulcan Challenge 2022

From its distinctive delta wing to the unforgettable roar of its engines the Vulcan is an icon of British engineering excellence
Although designed as a high altitude strategic bomber, the Vulcan eventually found its role as a low-level attack aircraft. Vulcans formed the backbone of Britain’s independent nuclear deterrent during the Cold War, and are famed for the legendary Black Buck raids on the Falklands in 1982.

As the RAF Museum launches the Vulcan Challenge, we’d like to inspire you with a collection of stories from the people who worked on this legendary aeroplane.

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Space Command

The space domain is rapidly changing as more countries and private companies have a presence in orbit and beyond. The UK already has over 90 registered objects in space, and this will continue to grow.

The establishment of UK Space Command is a crucial step in the development of a strategy to operate in space and protect UK interests.

UK Space Command is a joint command staffed by the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, civil servants, and commercial partners.

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