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  • Ron Davis
  • Interview by: Tod Nicol


Well, I'd seen Hendon from the outside,

but I was very excited to be in the front line,

as it were, and I knew immediately I got to Scampton,

that I was in the front line.

This was an operational squadron,

and not playing games like most servicemen

were doing at that time.

And I was very excited to be here,

and very proud to be there.

Very proud, I mean,

I was a 19 year old.

I was streetwise.

I wasn't, brought up in Eastern London,

I was streetwise.

But a 19 year old in 1940 was a very,

unsophisticated individual.

I had never bought any clothes for myself

before I went in.

My mum bought my clothes.

I had to have a suit for work.

She used to come to shop,

my mum chose it, and my mum paid for it.

I was very unsophisticated,

but I knew I was in the front line.

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