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Policing Bosnia

  • Dicky Patounas
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


I did several tours out of Southern Italy,

getting airborne and then turning left,

going up the Adriatic to hit a tanker, maybe or not,

depending if they're available to then going to your area

of operations, speak to someone on the ground

and it wasn't a kinetic war at all,

we were there to police largely.

We were part of a NATO group with all of the unrest

in the former Yugoslavia and it starting to fracture

and we were there to police

and initially it was, this would work with air

and I think the upper echelons,

the advice was it probably won't.

But politically it was decided that that's what would occur.

And so the aircraft were there in the overhead,

continuously policing and bombing as required

and that was the Deliberate Force part

and that turned into Deliberate Guard

whereby we were policing

and so my majority, I did a Deliberate Force

and the rest were Deliberate Guards.

And so we were there as a policing role really,

so in the overhead, making noise

and being there should someone misbehave.

Because on the ground all the inappropriate war crimes

were taking place where people being chained to bridges

and so on and so forth such that they wouldn't be struck

from the air.

And so clearly, not the success

that it had aimed to be as a conflict.

And the Jaguar force did a number of years there

and so in my time, I would keep going back

and you know, it was a good operation to be part of,

particularly as a young,

relatively inexperienced guy on the squadron.

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