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Why engineering?

  • Emily Flynn
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I think certainly having a mother

who's an engineer it meant it was demystified.

Exposure to STEM and STEM subjects

and careers was quite normal.

However it was actually my careers guidance teacher

at school, and she said,

"How many of you want to be engineers?",

and not a single hand went up.

"All of you girls are doing

"all of this science for your exams,

"and not one of you wants to be an engineer."

Actually as a result of that sort of input,

from my class of just 30 of us,

six of went on to study

some form of engineering at university.

That entrance for me was guided by I think a normality

of having it within my family

but also encouragement within my own education

to actually, yeah, engineering's a good career.

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