• I spent most of my time in captivity in solitary confinement.

    Sqdn. Ldr. Bob Ankerson
  • My first flight I sat on a spar and held on tight.

    Stan Holmes
  • From a derelict ruin to a source of great pride.

    Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • Four Lancasters went down that night, and only our crew survived

    Steven Bacon
  • I decided I needed to be a dad.

    Ian Sweet
  • http://www.poeticexpressions.co.uk/basils-grave-story-111/

  • A Warrant Officer is the RAF's go-to guy.

    Kate Brophy
  • You've got five minutes to get off the aircraft.

    Julie Gibson
  • Go out there and be the best you can be

    Stuart Robinson
  • They sent us an worn out Lancaster

    John Hill
  • Get up and put your trousers on.

    Katherine Du Plat-Taylor
  • I had to walk barefoot, but there was no way we couldn't finish.

    Charles Hammerton