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Life Goes On

  • Rachel Williamson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


So yeah, the biggest obstacles

came at the same time for me.

Learning to be left handed and one armed, especially,

because my injury has progressed over time.

So from what was a thumb sprain became a hand issue,

went to forearm issue, upper arm issue,

and now it's almost including the shoulder.

So it's a full arm that I have limited function for.

So I can move it but I get like a severe tremor.

But I have no grip in my hand.

I have, I can't sort of purposely reach for something.

So for me, being right handed I've had to learn

to write again, I have to

learn how to do everything one armed

from getting changed to washing,

to even tying my hair up,

to driving a car.

Almost everything you can think of.

I'm constantly adapting.

I'm still adapting now.

I'm still trying to get my s's the right way.

I'm constantly writing backwards or smudging my writing.

And I've just had to learn to ask for help.

You get to a point where actually it's not gonna happen

unless you ask someone else, you know?

And I think because it all happened at the same time,

I went into a massive dip.

I wasn't happy.

I blamed myself.

I called myself a failure for a long time.

I thought I didn't wanna let my family down.

I felt like I lost loads of friends in the military.

But I think because of my sports

and because of obviously my immediate family

that were helping me,

and the fact that I had to ask for help,

all at the same time, I've,

I had to go over that hurdle.

I had no choice.

I had to carry on.

So yes, it's been tough.

But you have to learn, you have to adapt.

And the only way to get through it

is to ask for help and support.

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