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The Invictus Games

  • Paul Twitchell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Prince Henry has come up with this amazing plan

to create a kind of Olympics events for military personnel

and veterans who have limitations

through injuries that were attributed to service life.

And it was a huge success, an absolute huge success

and I was a great fan of it right from the very first time

I heard about it, months before it was gonna happen.

And I couldn't wait to see it on the TV

and it didn't disappoint.

I think the whole world was watching

and it was such a huge event

that I couldn't wait to see it on the TV the next couple

of years and each time, myself and my wife

have been huge fans of it

and it's been a highlight of the year.

So, I watched these people on there

and saw them all as heroes,

giving something for the country

and now having to go through life

with certain limitations

but with a smile on their face

and I thought that looks amazing

and hearing all of their stories was great.

I would never have applied

because I didn't think I was worthy.

Yet my wife sat there, right there

and she got the laptop out

and without me knowing she sent an email

to Help for Heroes saying I think this could help my husband

and a few weeks later she had an email back saying

Greg would like to see him

and she had to admit to me that she'd applied.

And I won't lie, I was very cross at first

because I thought I could never be around these people

with limbs missing and these amputees

and people in wheelchairs and things like that

because I would feel like a fraud

because PTSD is a hidden wound.

However, I got nagged enough

and we went down to the first introduction sports fest

it was called

and I absolutely loved it.

I fell in love with it

and the people, they were so lovely,

even the amputees talking to those

that were saying, I feel sorry for you

because you've got PTSD.

I'm glad I haven't got that.

I thought wow, I've been accepted by these people

with some horrific injuries.

But then it also spurred me on

because I thought if they can do it,

and if they can go through life

with two legs and an arm missing

and do it with a smile on their face

and be confident, then surely I can overcome this PTSD

and learn to live with it.

And it kind of snowballed from there

and eventually after the trials,

I was accepted and went took Cindy

and William with the friends and family package

to Sydney where we competed.

  • Paul Twitchell

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