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Basic Training

  • Paul Twitchell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


My first experience of joining up when I erm,

jumped on a train in Hull with two other guys

who are still friends to this day,

and still serving in the Air Force.

Erm, that was 22 years ago and jumping

onto that train and the instantly having camaraderie

with complete strangers set the tone

for the rest of my career really, and I loved it.

I loved going into the first barrack room

with 16 other guys, or 15 other guys

and, and getting on straight away

and having a common connection.

The, erm, the basic training, I absolutely loved.

I was a couple of years older than some of the other guys,

or most of the other guys I should say,

and so coming from, spending a few years

in a garage with er, covered in oil

and being cold all the time and erm,

not particularly enjoying it sometimes,

basic training to me was like an adventure holiday.

Well, not holiday but it was hard work

but it was great fun.

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