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  • Kurt Schulze


You know, Gill Ferrie,

who was the one who ran the show there,

and Gill told me, you know,

the night before he had told Tony

you know, you may be able to meet one of the German pilots.

And Tony was not very enthused about it.

I mean, he didn't jump up and say,

"Isn't that wonderful."

So, and that reflected, also, at the airport.

You know, when we met, they were sitting in the car,

and I walked out there,

and so they, Tony,

I mean I didn't talk much

with Marion at the beginning, was reserved.

He was reserved.

But til then, from day to day, we had a good time.

We drove in the same car together wherever we went there.

To the vinery, and all the things we saw,

and to oh, and then, (laughing).

We were invited to the...

Oh, to the Ambassador of...

Of, where was it?

Of Norway, I think, yeah, of Norway.

And in San Francisco.

And, so, the German Consular was there too,

and Tony was standing next to me,

and I tried to needle the German guy, a little bit,

and I told him how they treated

me when I came home, after the war.

And, Tony was studying.

He always pushed me, you know, to.

He enjoyed that I let the guy have it.

So, I mean, we're all human beings.

As I mentioned yesterday, you know,

it's a situation where we, as human beings,

finally come through,

after the politicians did with us

whatever they wanted to do.

And we said, "Yes, Sir."

Ah, that's all over, fortunately.

But, for us, it's too late.

They cannot call us into action to go to Syria.


We are sitting here.

  • Kurt and Tony

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