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The Wrong Fjord

  • Kurt Schulze


So we got back to the room

where we always sat together during the day,

in Bardufoss, and

the telephones started ringing like crazy.

All the armchair generals and officers

in Norway were on the telephone.

And, you know, Ehrler and Dorr,

we had people, as I said, they together had 350 victories.

They got kind of a little disturbed and said,

"What, in the hell, is going on here?"

We had our Fanny, they called it a different then,

Fanny over the air, over the

icy waters of the Barents Sea, all these years.

And now we are the ones,

where some people accuse us of,

that we couldn't find the fjord,

that we, the guys who flew up there,

without any possibility to find anything,

if we wouldn't go by our compasses,

by our feeling for north and west.

That's when we were flying to the Fisher Peninsula,

north of Petsamo and Murmansk,

and the area between Petsamo and Murmansk.

So, we knew exactly,

we were not idiots when it came to flying,

and many of us had been flying all during the war

and here they wanted to blame us

that we couldn't find Tromso,

where all the fjords were there,

and we had the map and everything when we flew.

So, they were very upset, finally,

and finally (laughing),

maybe I have to use the word,

Ehrler had one of those people on there

in Oslo, on the phone,

and he got so upset that he said, "Kiss my arse."

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