• It was hard to hit a target accurately

    Mike Beech
  • The higher I climbed, the more the windscreen started to break up

    Murdo Macleod
  • If we're not off by lunchtime, we'll be dead

    SAS Mayday
  • You need to come out of a barrel roll the right way up

    Gillian McGregor
  • You'd be flying four or five feet away from the plane next to you

    Douglas McGregor
  • Juggling fuel

  • The GR3 made a significant contribution to victory

    Dr Peter Johnston
  • An unexpected war in an unexpected place

    Dr Peter Johnston
  • It exploded and a chap got killed

    Kenny Napier
  • I just laid there, thinking 'Wow, I am inside a Lightning aircraft!'

    Hania Mohiuddin
  • Should National Service be reintroduced?

    Kenny Napier
  • It was a huge tragedy for the family

    Alison Kilby