• My wife was lucky to survive

    David Lang
  • If they could cross the Rhine their war was won ...

    RAF Film Production Unit, 1945
  • We tried to live as normal a life as possible

    David Lang
  • If it wasn't for the deep snow, the fall would have killed him

    Anne Leadercramer
  • One engine, no control panel, rudder pedals hanging in mid air

  • Joan was at the heart of the Battle of Britain

    Joshua Levine
  • http://www.poeticexpressions.co.uk/basils-grave-story-111/

  • The Typhoon became aerial artillery

    Joshua Levine
  • He kept a model of the Typhoon on his desk

  • The tail gunner would chuck bricks out over Germany

    Paul Aldwinkle
  • After everything he'd been through, they made him pay for his bike and his uniform

    Paul Aldwinkle
  • My father was one of the lucky ones

    Lloyd Levy