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  • Fg Off James Hudson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I don't think it’ll ever...

for myself.

I don't think it’ll ever fully sink in.

I'll always know that I carried

Her Majesty the Queen when she died.

But it's so I've said to

several people when the day you test

training, the day that I passed training flight

I never thought I'd be selected

to carry The Queen when she died.

And I think that's that's the thing

forever, because it's one

you’ll not carry The Queen it’ll be someone else

and I was that someone else

And I said, now it'll

obviously live forever

by and

with me, with my children

If I’m honest I think we executed it perfectly.

I think it just goes to show you how

sets you up for success.

Yeah, we, you know, we, we train so often

that it was just a case

So for us, it was just, you know,

just doing our doing our job,

We were called the A-Team at one point, so

there's other lads who, as I said,

they've been there longer than some of

And you know, you get the odd “Are we allowed to sit and talk to you?” or

“Are we allowed to sit and have lunch with you?”

You know, we're not good enough for you

it's all in jest.

It's all it's all good fun.

And I think they're just

everyone's happy

And they and they know

It just would have been their face

I haven’t actually had time to sit down

And I still haven't, um, I haven't spoke

I mean, they were immensely proud, sure,

But not to echo myself,

And that's not in a horrible,

It's just. Just the way you train.

I’ll never forget when she drove past on the pan

and that's when it sort of sunk in

Um, but not to echo or reiterate myself,

The professional side really does kick in.

And then I just remember marching over,

forming up, taking her out the hearse,

and then the rest is kind of

I just just a blur

It's still pretty surreal.

So even my mood doing the job,

The pressure never really hit me

It didn't like,

the pressure wasn’t there

There was no room for mistake.

But then even I've still got some photos

printed off and put up on my wall.

And then every now and again I'll look

But you have to remind yourself

that was and to be a part of it.

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