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The Flight from Scotland

  • Fg Off James Hudson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


I can honestly

and I don't want to say I blanked anything out.

But it's one of those occasions

you pinpoint the real

that are kind of stopped you in your tracks

and everything else

But I just remember, I remember waking up

and my daughter at home

from the wife and her saying,

I hope it goes well”

And she said, I message your dad and told

And I think that kind of hit home

I think until that point I thought,

Oh, it's

just us we’ll do the job

But it was only until that point and I

Is going to be

millions of people watching worldwide,

And it was a bit of a, you know,

That didn't sink in again.

Still hasn’t sunk in.

But I remember being on the on the pan

and then the hearse coming by

with Her Late Majesty in,

And then that's kind of

I could say that went through my head at

that moment and time was probably pride

But then you engage the

so you block out the pressure

and the pride and you put it down

And that sounds very mundane,

if you took the pressure

I don't think it would have been executed

We marched towards the hearse

we kind of

with the doors open

and I was from left,

And that's when for a split

And then as soon as I grabbed

the coffin, which is obviously heavier

I kind of snapped back

This is, you know,

And that's all that matters basically

Think about what I'm doing.

We know we know what we're doing.

But for us that a million times.

So let's just keep just sort of if you

You just kind of

Once the lads bought the coffin in we had

making sure that the the Royal Standard

as it was being fed on

And yeah.

And then when it's one of

lift it up the standard feed the straps through

One of the things I do remember,

how loud the C-17 doors were

And it wasn't something

I've been on C-17 before, but

those are the things

But I think because of how quiet

and all you could hear

You couldn't hear anything

all the other flights had been grounded.

There were no movements around.

Everyone was just stood

It was only 50% of the job

So it wasn't.

We had a 55 minute flight time,


They you know, get you get game face on,

for the next part of this

the world's media

So it's a case of

the final details are spot on

During flight

a ceremony was conducted

from from the Standard of Scotland

And that's the time then where

we supported that and ensure

And I think again, at the time,

sort of thought through the

the impacts or the magnitude

of the of the occasion,

almost 5 minutes with Her Late Majesty,

And it was nice to be able to

pay my respects.

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