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  • Fg Off James Hudson
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


So we decided to stay in in London

have a beer

So the boss Flying Officer Hudson.

He made a phone call to the RAF

and we walked in there and and we were met

but pretty proud people.

Current serving members, officers

And yeah, we got

couple of handshakes, pats on the back

what they you know,

and all of a sudden we're walking in there

Think, you know, you would just

Um, just quite a nice moment.

But it didn't, didn't last long,

So we had one beer back in the van

I think it wasdefinitely needed to just because of the

the pressure building up in like

just wanting to do a good job,

just nice to relieve all that stress.

A nice cold beer

One drink.

And then we went back to RAF Northolt

look we're we are stopping off

We are to stop off at the club because

that was just intense. So intense.

I, I think it was a good shout.

If I look back

now, if I, if I think back now of to what

I look around the bearer party themselves

and no one realized the magnitude

and they'll probably all try and hide it

It was just a job,

we got off the minibus

and straight away somebody went,

and you know, we were and we couldn't

Um, yeah, we had a, we have

one drink, we sort of spoke about what

went back to got

So we went to the officer’s club afterwards.

Our officer kind of blagged us in

as collateral to the front desk.

And then we went down, met some, some high

They were going to be part

So they were on the,

how proud they were

And it was,

I think, reassurance for us and everyone,

with the communication that was going

But, you know, reassurance of of people

And so I was it was it was good to hear.

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