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  • Squadron Leader Dave Morton
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


There were two teams working in St. Andrew's House.

There was a team that was working

directly in support of NHS Scotland.

My team was working in support of

the Scottish Government resilience room.

It was a wholly military team

led by Colonel Will Lynch, who was a reservist,

in fact most of the team were reservists,

there were only three or four regular personnel,

including myself.

All three services, quite a lot of Navy,

because the Navy in Scotland,

or rather the Royal Naval Reserve in Scotland,

had made a positive decision

that they were going to push as much support

into the MACA task as they could when it became apparent

that it going to be an important thing to be part of.

So my colleagues were mostly reservists,

we were all thrown in together,

we all kind of arrived at St. Andrew's House

without really much of an idea

what we would be doing

other than we were there to provide planning support.

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