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Space & Cyber

  • Air Cdre Paul Godfrey
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I think that space and cyber come in the same sentence,

because they are new domains

and have only just been recognized as domains.

Before it was your classic air, sea and land domains.

And so, they're often tabled together.

But I think both of them, space and cyber,

are threads through the other three physical domains.

And certainly from a space perspective, where cyber,

where we have to be interested in cyber, is,

as I talked about the tasking process for satellites,

the links to ground stations that then uplink

information and instructions and downlink

information and instructions from satellites.

Clearly they need to be secure.

They need to be defended.

And that doesn't mean,

well it could mean defended in the physical world,

but realistically they need to be

hardened from cyber attack.

Because if someone's hacking into

your satellite communications,

if someone's hacking your tasking chain,

that's something you really don't want.

So, you know,

just the cyber awareness and cyber defense in there,

I think, is the key part of what cyber does.

Not only in the space domain,

you can imagine that goes into any aspect of what we do.

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