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The Colditz Society

  • Graham Withers
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I'm a life member of the Colditz Society,

and Colditz was a senior POW camp for bad boys,

from all three services who have made themselves,

[Foreign Language] end of a de-st-ate,

or, excuse the French, a bloody nuisance,

as far as the German's were concerned.

In fact, they had more escapes,

from this escape proof there.

A lot of the stuff, with regard to Colditz,

a lot of the stuff there,

these chaps would go in as some bank clerks,

bank managers, professional people if you say,

and they would then come out with,

as expert forgers, and whatever,

and one night, actually now they've turned the castle,

into an International Youth Hostel,

so one can actually stay there.

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