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My Father’s Rescue

  • Graham Withers
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Back around, I think it was 2008,

I'd gone with a friend of mine

to the Flying Day for the Fighter Meet at Duxford.

And there's this very smart young man on the door

collecting the 10 pounds, and we got into conversation.

And it turned out to be Squadron Leader Chris Ford.

And then our conversations developed

and then by strange coincidence it then turned out

that his father was in the aircraft

that actually rescued my late father back in 1942.

Now, 9th of July 1942, he and his crew were tasked

to bomb Rommel's supplies in Tobruk Harbor.

On the return run to their base,

my father was forced to make

a forced landing down in the desert.

And then some 36 hours later,

a Bristol Bombay of 216 Squadron

rescued my father and his crew

and then flew them back out to safety.

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