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Mug and Irons

  • Colin Campbell
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The RAF were happy to accommodate us

near the Marconi College in Chelmsford in hotels,

but the army and the navy weren't up for that.

And as there was an army barracks available at Colchester,

that's where we ended up.

And the difference between the services

was marked very certainly when we walked into the,

they were all junior ranks,

so they were all corporals and below.

Walked into the soldier's mess

and the immediate RAF comment was,

"Where are the cups and saucers, and the cutlery?"

And the army and the navy fell about laughing,

because they were still walking around

carrying their own mug and irons,

whereas we'd grown up a little bit,

and were accustomed to slightly more

civilized environment in the airmen's mess.

But they had to give us something to eat our food with,

and the only thing available for that first meal

were the kitchen implements.

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