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  • Trevor Edwards
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Was at jobs fair and they had an RAFs stand there

and I just happened to be chatting

to the guy on the stand.

I can't remember what rank he was,

but we just ended up blowing about aeroplanes

and he said well, you know,

"what are your career options?"

And I said, "I'm possibly looking at it and all see,

and the oil industry, and a few other things."

And, he said, "well what about the Air Force?"

I said, "well you know you've got to be tall,

blonde and mega intelligent and I'm not these."

He says, "well you've been a university, you've got degree.

Why don't you think about it?"

So I joined went to Cranwell,

Through the officers training stuff,

and then I realized quite quickly that they weren't

tall blonde mega intelligent

or even great at sports even half of them.

Very much like myself to be honest.

And, I thought, wow, you know actually

these guys aren't superhuman,

and I could definitely do this job.

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