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Death of a President

  • Major General (Rtd) Dedan Gichuru


The death of our first president was Jomo Kenyatta.

So I was told to fly to Mombasa personally with two planes.

So I went, I told my people

and we were ready to go to Mombasa, went to Mombasa.

By six o'clock we were there.

And there we were told, nobody's got to know this

until we are back to Nairobi.

And we flew the body back to Nairobi

and nobody knew because when we went to the base,

I had asked for four ambulances,

just to confuse the people.

When they came I told it to go back.

The one with the president went by itself,

and I followed from a distance.

We went all the way to the State House.

Nobody knew.

So the fact that nobody knew about the demise

of the president,

bringing the body to Nairobi without knowing,

that was a plus.

I was proud of that.

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