• I hadn't even had my ears pierced

    Rachel Williamson
  • Believing in myself was the biggest hurdle

    Rachel Williamson
  • Deciding what to wear each day is harder than you think

    Rachel Williamson
  • We had to strip to our knickers

    Lily Jepson
  • People stopped swearing. It made no sense at all.

    Ayla Holdom
  • Don't steer, just think.

    Jackie Moggridge
  • What was my purpose? Why was I here?

    Alice McDermott
  • You've got sixty tons of aircraft at your fingertips.

    Alice McDermott
  • On the outside I was super cool. On the inside I was praying every night.

    Alice McDermott
  • I want to show respect for the generation that fought in the war

    Phillip Langham
  • You never train for the war you fight

    John Peters
  • We keep things simple in the air.

    Dheeraj Bhasin