• This was turbulence at a level I had never experienced before

    Mike Beer
  • You needed to build the confidence that you would survive

    Murdo MacLeod
  • We had to ensure those ships weren't attacked

    Tony Cowan
  • I was with the military and I tried to be as military as possible

    Alford Gardner
  • And my job, I always thought, was to get to know people by being present

    Ray Pentland
  • Choosing who might live and die

  • A full house of Gnats on jacks

    Douglas McGregor
  • Anywhere in the world, if you are injured, if you are sick, we will get you home

    Air Cdre David McLoughlin CBE
  • We had no idea what we were dealing with

    Air Cdre David McLoughlin CBE
  • Fighting for humanity

  • Naked on the phone to Prince William

    Ayla Holdom
  • Lightning Strikes. Twice.

    Ayla Holdom