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Coming Out

  • Cpl Mike Taylor
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Just that right start, the very first meeting

set it all up.

I think it was very important to have,

certainly over the years, having that network.

We've provided a lot of support to people.

It's amazing, at that point, we're ten, twelve years

down the line, of being able to be openly LGBT

in the military and people still thought it was illegal.

People still thought you got kicked out for it.

To be having that network there to one,

support everyone who, like myself, who is not out

when you first joined up, you kept it hidden

or had issues through training, helping support them,

actually make them realize you know what,

there's a massive network out here of people who've

either been through a similar situations.

You know, we've got lots of advice, lots of support.

Because probably most of us have been there, done that,

or seen that, or you know at some point,

so the support is there.

And actually changing the face of, say, that person

outside the military looking in,

who were still thinking it was illegal.

You know we were marching in pride, and people were like,

"What, you lot are all gay?".

Yeah, say, probably a good 99% of us in the parade are,

you know, with a few of our straight allies supporting us,

but yeah.

"Oh, I didn't think you could be."

So, yeah, it's been allowed for quite a while.

To help promote that message was, it took a long time,

but I think that's why it was important for us to have

that network to get that support out there for everyone.

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