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Coming Out

  • Cpl Mike Taylor
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Well, I didn't come out, I got brought out.

Someone directly challenged me,

caught me off guard, and asked me the question.

Which completely threw me.

And I was like...

I've kinda got nowhere to go, yes I am, I am gay, yeah.

Which in one sense was probably a good thing.

If they hadn't challenged me at that point,

I'd have probably still hidden it for probably a bit longer.

So in that sense it was good for them to challenge me.

Brought it out.

I certainly felt a massive weight off my shoulders,

at that point.

But listening to what other people, as well, over that time.

People didn't want to come out, initially,

after it all changed.

We all joined up when it was illegal.

So there was certain, I had the feeling,

and I know certainly some friends

at the time had a feeling of,

"Well I joined up when it was illegal, so,

"I've kinda lied a little bit,

"or it feels like I've lied in it."

Although you were directly asked,

or all of us were never directly asked, are you gay?

We answered the questions about what would you do

if you found that someone was LGBT, at that time.

So it was kinda like,

we didn't want to come out 'cause it felt like,

right, well if I now come out,

I've obviously shown that I've lied about something.

In joining up, so, am I actually at risk of losing my job,

from it, and is my character going to now be questioned?

And I know quite a few people felt like that at the time.

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