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  • Cpl Owain Bridge
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


How it's changed for LGBT+ people in,

certainly in my time in the military

is there's a lot more confidence now to be yourself at work,

and it's not something that I think needs

to be a limitation to anybody.

Certainly when I joined up,

there was a lot of people, I imagine,

who probably felt quite uncomfortable being out

and had quite, there was sort of a legacy feeling perhaps

in the more senior ranks

who were uncomfortable with certain things,

but that's fading out.

As society has changed and adapt,

the military's changing and adapting to cater

and to support everybody.

It's a lot more reflective of society nowadays.

And in many respects,

it can probably be a more safe place to work

than (laughs) civilian life really, I'd imagine.

People are joining up now,

and they're openly identifying LGBT+.

It's not something that they should think is a limitation

to what they wanna do in service really.

It's not something that should be

the first thing on their mind.

If they've got a job or a role

that they wanna do in the military and they wanna pursue it,

then regardless of what your background is,

they should pursue that role.

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