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Changing Attitudes

  • Connor Thirkill
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


We were in the hanger

doing some updates for some equipment

and it takes like a couple of hours

because it's really slow,

and so we were playing one of those games,

you know, like which celebrity would you rather sleep with,

that type of thing.

Without thinking, I chose the man

and it kind of just spread like wildfire

throughout the station and I was introduced as like,

this is so and so, he's the squadron gay

type of,

which is a lot of bit tedious after a while

but it eventually petered out

and after the novelty wore off, so.

I would say

you see small changes for,

so like in my office, for example,

people would often say, you know,

"Ah, that's gay."

and so I found that if you mention it to them

you know, politely,

eventually they'll stop saying it

because they don't realize that they've said stuff like that

because it's just out of habit.

Something kids say it at school all the time.

And so you do notice small changes

but it's like, I found that there's,

it's quite a friendly and accepting environment anyway, so.

Imagine 20 years ago it would've been much worse.

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