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Bomber Command

  • Minnie Driver
  • Interview by: Joshua Levine


The reason that we found everything out

was that I did this extraordinary genealogy program

called Who Do You Think You Are?

Which was, it was truly revelatory for my family.

And in speaking to all the historians that I did,

and all these extraordinary librarians

and people who had so much more knowledge

about this than I did,

that you have to understand

that they had no idea, really, what was coming

and how to handle it.

And those first bombing raids, they were lumbering,

and they didn't hold formation in the way

that they'd been told to

because the practicality of it,

when you're up in the air was impossible.

They didn't have self-sealing fuel tanks.

Like, so much changed after those,

but they did, they left a legacy

of this feeling of they weren't as beloved

as the Spitfires and the Hurricanes,

and certainly, the Typhoons.

They weren't as magically terrifying as the Luftwaffe.

So, I think that's certainly what I found out.

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