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Lack of Moral Fibre

  • Minnie Driver
  • Interview by: Joshua Levine


They didn't have, they didn't have their acronym in 1939.

They did have I mean, it was a rather unkind acronym

called LOMF which was lack of moral fibre.

Which they said and that was very pertinent

and very and yet that was not reflected in the way the

RAF have treated him.

They treated him with kindness and with love

and support and that familial idea which I then watched

my father, I mean I was saying to some gentlemen earlier

my father had three wives and a lot of children

and however unconventional our family was it was

unified by love and tolerance and inclusivity.

All of those things that no matter how fragile you've become

that I find the RAF always showed,

at least certainly always showed my father that.

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