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Beating the Army

  • Cpl Chris Elliot
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Tug o' war is one of the hardest things I've ever done.

It is horrendous, for want of a better word.

But it's very addictive.

Basically two teams of eight people pull against each other.

Holding on to a bit of rope.

Is put simply, what it is.

But there's technique and everything involved, as well.

And it's very physically demanding.

I was selected to go compete for the RAF,

against the Army and the Navy.

So pretty much, the Navy will put forward

a Naval Team and a Royal Marines Team.

The Army will put forward a Army A and Army B.

As with RAF.

We pretty much, it was held down in Portsmouth.

We were selected, went down weighed in in that morning.

And then went out and pretty much beat everyone else.

The hardest team obviously to beat

was going to be the Army A Team.

Because they get lots of time to practice together.

Where as the RAF got about three days build up to it.

So yeah, when we beat the Army A Team we won the first end.

Lost the second end.

So, it came down to the toss of a coin.

And then, yeah, we won the third end.

And it was the hardest end I've ever done.

I was physically sick.

After that.

But that moment of realizing we'd beat the Army A Team,

was a fantastic achievement.

Because it was the first time in I think 80 years,

that we'd won a gold medal at the Inter-Services.

So it was a really good achievement.

The year prior to that we'd only managed a silver medal.

So this year, we got a silver and a gold.

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