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The War You Fight

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The way the Air Force trained back then and I think it's

still the case is they train for the anticipated threat.

The story is you know never train for the war you fight

is true, but that doesn't discount that the principles

and the approach in which a squadron tries to learn

the new environment works so 80% of the fundamentals

work anywhere and then it's just learning the

new environment.

So in the desert it's learning to fly over sand dunes.

Learning that things like maybe the rattle doesn't always

work over that.

Learning when you fly in Wales, you're gonna get,

you can get, if you get a shadow of where a smaller hill

is in front of a bigger hill and there's a shadow which

you know from low level airways so if you're aiming to fly

over the big hill you can fly into the small hill

'cause you can't see it because of the shadow.

Well you don't quite get that in the desert but you get

something very similar because of the light.

You can have a big sand dune and a smaller sand dune

and because it's so bright you can't see the smaller

sand dune in front of the big sand dune and when you're

flying around as we were 50 feet or at times lower

in the gulf you know it's learning how to do that.

It's learning how to fly at heights below 50 feet

where the rattles locked off anywhere

and you are eyeballing up to you know your maximum speed.

Understanding when you get down to that height if a missile

locks you up that you have to pull up to turn to pull

the G necessary to break the lock.

Because if you're going at 20 feet above the ground

well the aircraft's wingspan is 60 feet so you can't pull

it aside.

So there's a number of things that you adjust to.

The heat.

The lack of nav features, et cetera.

But nothing too disturbing that you haven't done every

year of your life because that's what air crew do.

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