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Flying Training

  • John Peters
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


Everything in flying training is interesting.

Everything in flying training is challenging.

I defy any pilot,

even it they were stunning pilots,

and the best of their generation,

flying has this

wonderful, wonderful thing

that it challenges all human beings when you learn to fly.

Because the weather changes, machines break,

the navigation kit doesn't work,

you've got to deal with other aircraft...

It's just exciting and compelling

and that...

So few people can do it, you see people

who you really admire and they fail for some reason.

Just make them bad human beings,

you know, God, I'm hanging on by a thread

and how come I'm still here?

And throughout flying training that,

it's the ability to absorb and then apply

very rapidly a mass of new learning,

every single day of your life for two to three years

and that is exciting, it's challenging.

But the theme is that desire that you cannot see

yourself being anything but a pilot.

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