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Air Raid at Driffield

  • Ian Brownlee
  • Interview by: Tod Nicol


I was fast asleep in the mess,

in my room in the mess.


about midday,

I woke up to hear air raid sirens going off.

And then I woke fully on realizing that

things were happening.

I could hear bombs exploding

and gunfire going off.

And I thought, "It's about time I got up." (laughs)

So I walked across my room

to get my dressing gown, which was hanging on the door

at the opposite side of the room.

And as I got there, a bomb exploded on the end of the mess,

the other end where I was.

Immediately visibility in my room was zero.

Crashing and banging, the ceiling fell down.

And it fell on the bed, and it would've fallen on me

but the door had flown open

and I instinctively grabbed the door

and pulled it towards myself,

so I was pinned between the door and the wall.

And the falling ceiling was diverted by the top of the door.

So I was



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