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The Bombing of Driffield

  • Ian Brownlee
  • Interview by: Tod Nicol


I wrote some notes down here about memories of that day.

There was an air raid shelter behind the guard room

at the entrance to the camp that had

a direct hit from a shell, from a bomb,

and there were some six airmen killed in that,

just one shelter.

A number of the hangars were hit,

I remember seeing the effects of cannon fire

on the end wall of a hangar.

They're reinforced concrete and these cannon shells

had gone right through the 18-inch thickness

of reinforced concrete and you could see

daylight through these holes.

A Women's Royal Air Force driver was driving

across the air field in a vehicle, on duty.

She was killed.

She was the first WRAF personnel to be killed

on active service in the Royal Air Force during that war.

I made a note here that some 12 or so Whitleys

were destroyed or damaged during this raid,

but most were replaced by the next day.

That was the extraordinary thing.

This happened on Monday and replacement Whitleys

were arriving at Driffield that afternoon.

It was as quick and as rapid and as efficient as that.

Most impressive.

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