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Radio Controlled Planes

  • Phillip Langham
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I've got about eight remote control planes, now.

So I started off just with a Trainer,

which I did enjoy, but then I wanted

something a bit more high adrenaline.

So I got something that's based on an Extra 300.

And then sort of built my collection up from them,

but I did recently have a scale P-51 Mustang.

But then I had a big mid-air collision with it.

So that got destroyed.

As soon as you see it happen,

you're like, you can't get the plane back from it.

We've hung the tails up on my walls.

But I've still got the tail,

but everything's all smashed up.

But then I got a P-47 Thunderbolt

out of it, so that was good.

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