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  • Phillip Langham
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


What the Dengineers team do

is they build your den in what you love.

So I did it in World War II planes.

So you get a mood board.

You say what you like, what you don't like,

and then it takes about five days

for them to actually build it.

So on the first day you get to help build it.

We started off building just the ground works for the den,

and then we built the main outer shell of the den.

And then they took me off for a surprise day,

where I went to go up to Duxford and the ARC

and go up flying.

Okay Philip, are you ready?


And we flew around for about 15 minutes.

We did some low passes.

That's what made me wanna fly more.

So cool!

And then on the final day there's a reveal,

and I got to go inside and see what they'd done.

So on the front of the den is the Spitfire,

and it's as if it's flying towards you from the house.

And then on the side it looks like an Anderson shelter.

They have the curved roof and everything,

and then it's got the Dambusters

number above the door when you walk in.

And then as you walk in,

you've got the bomber command table.

And then on the front, it's like you're flying

in full motion with Lancasters.

I really like the front of the den,

because it's 3D and it stands out.

But I also like the front of the inside of the den,

because of the art work,

and how it has a silhouette of the Lancaster.

So it's really cool.

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