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Breeding Grounds

  • Brian Conway
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


From the 26th of June for at least six weeks,

we worked 18 hours a day

and we had six off, that was all.

And at the end of that time,

they'd established leave centers in various parts.

And we were sent to a leave center

not far from Hanover

and absolutely super place.

It had been one of the places the Germans had set up

in about 1936 to breed their super race.

So it'd been full of tall blonde German women and men

and, in other words it was a production line really.

But that'd all gone, we had the rooms that they had,

had a room each, it was sorta the Ritz

as far as we were concerned.

And they had every facility there

for relaxation and sport, there was a guiding school,

they had indoor badminton courts, skating rinks,

all sorts, everything there.

But we only had a long weekend there

and then it was back to work

but, as I said before, more ground crew

had arrived by that time

so things were just easing off that little bit.

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