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Ground Crew

  • Brian Conway
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


We used to have a little competition

amongst the crews

as to how long it would take the planes

to get their loads off.

The ground crews swarmed around the aircraft

to get the stuff off as quickly as possible.

And one particular time I remember was

12 tons of flour being unloaded in just over thee minutes.

Because if it's loaded properly,

a sack of flour can go onto someone's shoulders,

they've got a continuous belt of men doing this.

Just dump it there, get back, dump it there.

It was quite something.

Of course, the quicker the turnaround,

the more journeys the planes would be able to do.

I think the majority did about three,

because there's a certain pressure on the actual air crew.

If they got tired, that would be no good.

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