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A comfortable war

  • Milton Brazil
  • Interview by: Mike Stone


I'm Milton Brazil.

I was born in Glasgow, 1922.

In 1939, I was too young to start with.

We knew there was blood stirring

but until '39 war didn't mean anything

other than the fact that, well Germany was not

a place where Jewish people could be in.

I volunteered in '41.

I was called up for service in '42, August '42.

I was sent to Four Group which was a Halifax group,

which was not a bombing squadron.

They were glider towing troop and supply dropping.

Dropping supplies and whatever

into the troops on the ground there.

We did runs into Burma

and we did a couple of runs in China, as well.

But I had a comfortable war.

I don't remember ever being attacked

either in this country or on the Far East.

I never, that I recall, was in contact with the enemy forces

other than on the ground.

No, I don't think anybody who has not done service

would know what it was all about.

I fought for this country.

I'm a British subject.

Those days, I've no further interest in them.

That was, you know, part of my life which had gone.

I'd survived which was the main thing.

Not through any cleverness on my part,

just the way things turned out

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