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Nimrod pilot

  • Tony Cowan
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnet


It's a long way from the United Kingdom

It's 8000 miles. It is a long way.

It took it took some time

some of them,

which were taken into military service,

But there were others

cross-channel ferries

That took time.

And then they had to travel down to the

Fortunately, we have an island

which is also British Ascension Island,

So we were able to use


There was clearly a concern that

that our soldiers,

marines, Parachute Regiment and others

were mostly carried

And so if

either of those ships had been engaged

and sunk by the Argentinean Navy,

I mean, there was

So, you know,

that force, that naval force

And our job really was to

confirm that that there were no enemy

So we used to fly a patrol every 24 hours,

essentially maritime patrol,

making sure that all of our own ships

engaged by by Argentinian warships

or indeed Argentinian submarines

And with the capability to

to to take action

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