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Attack on the Atlantic Conveyor

  • Alan 'Geordie' Watson, Peter Jack, Andy Wise, Arnie Arnold, Roddy McLean and Paul Gibson
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon-Jukes


We're inside the superstructure.

We're just pulling on our head gear,

You could hear it in two phases.

You could hear it thump as it hit the ship

and a slight delay

And then it actually exploded.

The whole ship just went...

just shook.

Up and down, up and down.

And the old brain said 'this is serious'.

We set back into the middle of the fleet

And I can remember John Kennedy,

it looks like they've hit a carrier.

They could see it burning.

And then things got serious.

And, you know, everyone

I was amazed, to be honest,

There was everybody was there

It just

There was a lot of smoke coming over

and the left side of the ship

was all covered in smoke from the fires

People were fighting the fire.

We were

dedicated first aid team.

So our position in there, during code

in the officer's dining room.

The floor was getting hot, getting warmer.

There's obviously something happening

I heard explosions of gas canisters

being blown up

And they were then like missiles

shooting through the side of the ship.

And as we went over the side,

And if I recall,

and I say, well, come on, keep moving.

You go into the water.

And he says, There's no more ladder.

The ladder had been blown off.

I sort of looked and thought, nah.There's

Just getting dark there. There's nothing.

There's no ships.

There's no land. There's no nothing.

I'm not a very strong swimmer.

I don't want to go in that.

So when we got to the bottom of the ladder

and I kept freezing every time

We sort of flew back to the

to the conveyor and

I could

see all the little lights

which I realized was

I was lucky for some

And then some incredibly brave

incredibly brave,

Fortunately, the actual current

carried me right to where the rafts,

the air load masters -

they stood in the door

I just looked at hime - big lad -

I got to the stage

I'm so cold now I'm just ready to give up.

And I remember

as I've always heard, drownings

All you got to do is open your hand

And I honestly did get to that stage.

And one of the Navy officers who was

He grabbed me said 'Don't worry'.

Unfortunately though,

and a couple of people were killed

the ship,

which just broke the neck

One poor person got trapped to the back

where you've got the ship's hull,

they got kept there

by the suction effect

And we just couldn't get away from

Your heart goes out to

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