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Fighter Pilot Training

  • Dheeraj Bhasin
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


There was a lot of technical aspect to it,

but ultimately, we're talking about

the highest level of workload and the highest level of skill

that's required to do these things.

And as I went up through being an instructor on fighters,

you got to a place where you were taking people out

and delivering some fairly high intensity training,

which required an element of bravery,

an element of madness I would say,

and to be at the top of your own game, of course,

which was really important.

So, again, I was very proud to be able to deliver that

to people, to give them their first experience

air-to-air refueling, to give them their first experience

flying at about the height of an electricity pylon

in pitch darkness at 600 miles an hour.

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