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Role Model

  • Caroline Paige
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


I never used to see myself as a role model,

but when I look back now, I see it as a role model,

because when I first transitioned, I had a focus,

and I knew that I had to,

I had a mission, in a way,

in that I had to prove to all of those outspoken voices

and negative opinions that they were wrong.

So, as a transgender person,

I had to identify as transgender,

put myself out there, be seen,

but do something where all their arguments were countered,

like go on operations and be rewarded

for exceptional service on operations

and not be a liability and the rest of it.

So, it made me very, very visible.

And so that, in itself, makes you a role model

and it's kind of,

I get it now, I get it now,

and I appreciate it,

that I am a role model, and I was a role model,

and, certainly, all the people

that have transitioned in the military since

have had the benefit,

all of them that have transitioned,

have had the benefit that, actually,

now the military is open and inclusive.

So they haven't joined an organization

like I did where it wasn't.

And you had to hide yourself,

and you were in fear of losin' your job,

and you're in fear of being outed

and all of those consequences if you're not ready for that.

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