• The banter, the camaraderie; you are helping each other through your injuries

    Stuart Robinson
  • The Air Cadets gave me experience and insight

    Ian Sweet
  • Like boy racers hanging out of a Tornado.

    Sara Waymont
  • I can still see his face as if it was yesterday.

    Carl Austin-Behan
  • It's a bunker scenario.

    Aswin Rana
  • Guy Gibson would be proud of the Squadron today.

    Wg Cdr John Butcher
  • We were trying to give ourselves up, but they kept shooting at us

    John Peters
  • If we don't get involved, people die.

    Alice McDermot
  • Just get out of Dover

    Katherine Du Plat-Taylor
  • We could hear something moving around in the dark

    Steve Bond
  • My sexuality has no impact on my role in the RAF.

    Kate Brophy
  • War is dark and terrible. And sometimes funny.

    Sara Waymont