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Up close with the Chinook

  • Terry McDermott
  • Interview by: Jess Boydon


The first experience of the Chinook

was, uh, up close

was one I will never forget.

It came in across the reservoir,

from the right.

And, and came across the danger (indistinct),

was flipping water off the lake

and then it turned across in front of us and hovered

with its rotors feet away, really from the top of the

railings that focus the dam.

And just maintained that hovering,

put the bags into place.

I can tell you now, nothing,

nothing prepares you for your first up-close and personal

encounter with a Chinook helicopter.

It's not so much seeing one, it's experiencing it.

It's it comes with all the drama of the noise and you don't

just hear the noise. You actually feel it in your chest.

It's, you are part of the noise when the Chinook arrives,

and you're probably, you know, 50, 50 feet away from it.

And it's quite a spectacle.

You know, there's the noises,

the down draft that is in your face.

It's, it's an attack on your senses.

What the first time that you see one up close

and it is awe inspiring,

the power that is withheld within that aircraft,

to be able to maintain a hover with

six ton bags swung underneath it.

And to be done with such precision is,

is something that, in my mind, defies logic.

So yeah, it was a fascinating, awe inspiring experience and,

and I take my hats off to the crews who made that happen.

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