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The Chinook force ethos

  • Sir Andy Pulford
  • Interview by: Ewan Burnett


The Force has changed.

It's changed, the names have changed, it's changed its size,

the uniforms have changed.

The spirit of course has not changed,

and that's one of getting the job done.

There's something about the Chinook,

it's not the easiest aircraft to maintain,

and it doesn't matter where that's the old Cs

in the middle of the Australian desert,

or a modern Mark 6 in the hangers of Odiham.

It needs a team to work together to make the most of it,

and that's what the Chinook Force is about.

Incredible amount of commitment.

Of course, courage goes without saying,

and the Force year-on-year has demonstrated that,

most recently in Mali fighting the insurgents there.

So commitment, getting the job done, huge amount of courage,

but a sense of one, a sense of a Force, a sense of teamwork,

working together, with one another, for one another,

the people that you fly with,

the people that engineer it, the people that support it.

It's not just about the airframe,

it's about the Force,

the people and those who make it work.

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